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What is Bridal Makeup?

Bridal makeup can be done easily by keeping some things in mind to get a bride’s makeup perfect. Firstly, the bride should be happy from the inside out, so that the natural glow is visible and when the makeup is applied then the face looks more vibrant and beautiful. Also the makeup should be done by professionals who understand what suits the bride best. To get the best look for your marriage opt for our different packages for Best Bridal makeup in Jhansi.

Shadi makeup should be done by the professional experts. It is the essential part of the wedding process and designing the perfect look for the big day. Our priority is to make you  pretty, effortless and graceful on your special day. We provide the best Bridal Makeup in Jhansi with the latest trends under supervision of beauty experts.

Indian Bridal Makeup is very time consuming. Brides nowadays opt for a more subtle Marriage Makeup in Jhansi but that too takes a lot of time and a lot of contour and base to get the look. But time is not the only thing to invest on your big day. Bride should follow a careful routine before the Marriage Makeup in Jhansi and the time gap should be at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding. 


How to choose your Bridal Makeup Artist in Jhansi?

For a bride who is planning for her dream wedding, every little detail is significant, but more important than others is to choose the best makeup artist for the day. Whether you are a bride who knows what exactly you want, or someone who has a lot of choices at hand, there are some tips and tricks you have to use before wedding:

  •  Start early: Start searching for the makeup artists and their work profile as soon as the wedding date is fixed.
  • Meet the artist beforehand
  • Don’t look only for public profile ask them to share unfiltered photographs
  • Be clear about what you are looking for
  • Communicate any concerns around your skin
  • Don’t forget about your hair



Why professional Shaadi Makeup is important

Wow you look so pretty and gorgeous! You want to listen to these words at your wedding. Well every bride wants to get the compliments with these words and can be done with best Shaadi makeup in Jhansi. To get the flawless and jaw-dropping look the makeup should be done by the professional makeup artist who knows how to dress a bride in a perfect indian bridal makeup. It is also important that your makeup suits your wedding attire. A perfect bridal makeup enhances the bride’s beauty and overall appearance.


Why Ekta Makeovers 

If you are looking for the best beauty parlour in Jhansi having huge experience in the profession you are at the right place. Ekta is the Best Groom makeup artist Jhansi We provide you gorgeous looks for different occasions including  Bridal Makeup, Wedding Makeup, Party Makeup,  


We at Ektamakeovers, the Best Beauty parlour in Jhansi provide all the assistance related to beauty and body care and Shaadi makeup in Jhansi.  Our makeup professionals will reach for the best Shaadi makeup in Jhansi, they   use the latest techniques and international brands that enhance your attraction many folds.

Ekta Rathore is the best Hair Stylist in Jhansi provides best Bridal hair styling services and beauty care techniques. We offer you the best environment of unparalleled hygiene with unending commitments in this continuous journey of commitment. We are fully committed to raise the bar of beauty and wellness by our impeccable services, connect with us to feel like a princess on your special day.


Here are some suggestions and tips from the best beauty parlour in Jhansi to look best on your wedding

Every bride wants to look and feel like a queen at her wedding but unfortunately unlike a queen she doesn’t have a squad of ladies  to arrange everything in place according to her wish.

Exhaustion certainly builds up, and that’s why looking your best becomes harder. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that can  help you out on your big day.

  • Keep Your Skin Glowing

There are certain things every woman do to keep her skin in top shape: washing make-up before going to sleep, using facial scrub, creams and face masks, and so on. However, at her wedding, the bride wants something special, and the usual stuff  is no longer enough. In order to get the glowing skin , you have to use a combination of chemical peels, deep pore cleansing, and facials. You can opt for the best Bridal Makeup Package when you book a makeup artist in Jhansi.  

  • Work on Smile

Practice smiling for wedding pictures and we don’t just mean practicing it. If you are blessed with snow-white teeth and want to look perfect in your wedding photos, practice it. If you don’t have white teeths then there are ways to remedy this, including various procedures aimed at teeth whitening. 

  • Choose Your Outfit in Advance

Wedding outfit is the center of attraction of the entire ceremony, and it is one thing that should look perfect. That’s why it should be selected as soon as possible to avoid any last minute chance, and start preparing the dress for the wedding  and yourself for the dress – to make sure it fits you perfectly as per style of the ceremony.

  • Choose a Hairstyle that suits you

You should also focus on your hairstyle, your wedding look is incomplete without styled hair. Schedule a trial session when both stylist and artist can work at the same time on you, so that you get to know possible clashes in opinions or flare-ups. 


At Ektamakeovers unisex salon in Jhansi, we provide srvices for all type of your hair styling and makeup. Our hair styling services includes Hair Cutting, Hair Styling, Hair Coloring, Hair Care & Hair Extensions. We offer various makeup services which includes Bridal Makeup (Indian Wedding Makeup), Party Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Nude Makeup, Silicon Makeup, Professional Makeup, Shimmer Makeup to make you more stylish, beautiful and attractive. You can opt different packages for makeup like Bridal Makeup Package, Reception Makeup package, Party Makeup Package, Pre Bridal makeup Package, Bridal Dream Makeup package and many more.

If you are looking for the best beauty parlour in Jhansi you will find numerous salons nearby like Hair master luxury salon, Leena Bhushan makeovers, Bridal hair styling services and many more. Ekta Makeovers is the best beauty parlour  for bridal makeup in Jhansi.  Ekta Makeovers is founded by Mrs. Ekta Rathore, is the most enthusiastic face in the fashion industry. She has earned laudable recognition in the country  for her significant contribution to the fashion industry. Being the Best Beauty parlour in Jhansi, we endeavor to unleash your persona no matter what age and occasion, by discovering the art of professional makeover. 

The Ekta Makeovers beauty salon in Jhansi  is run by Mrs. Ekta Rathore, a famous makeup artist in Jhansi. Our professional bridal makeover will help in adding charisma to your personality so that you stand out from the crowd. We uses new technologies to apply new texture, shade & style to your personality so that you get a wow look.

Ms Ekta Rathore has been serving the makeover industry for more than a decade. After that, she started rendering her services. She is working with some of the most popular brands where she has been continuously engaged in providing Makeup solutions.

She is specialized in providing Bridal Makeup. It is the dream of every bride to have looked like a  Princess  on her special day. EKTA  helps in realizing this dream. She prepares you for your big  day so that you make an indelible impression on the mind of your soulmate. EKTA is considered as the most popular Professional Makeup Artist in Jhansi. She believes in giving you the best of her competencies. To improve her knowledge about makeup, skin care and beauty, she regularly attends workshops and seminars. To Book an appointment visit us at